Artificial Plants and Greenery Items

Bamboo trees in different styles (Japapnese, Chinese, etc.) and height configurations. Normally comes in dried bamboo trunks.

Dracaena in many different styles, heights and number of trunks.

Ficus trees from 90 cm upto 210 cm, in different trunk layouts.
Different flowering trees: Bougainvillea, Hydrangea, Azalea, Wisteria, etc. with color variations.
All types of potted plants: Pothos, Corton, Dracaena, Taro, Caladium, Fern Pal, Caladium, Spath
Differnt types of trees best for interior decoration: Bay tree, Banana tree, maple tree, Ginko, palm trees, pine tree, smilax, ruscus, etc.
Elements for plant walls and vertical gardens: boxwood matt, buxus matt, evergreen matt, photinia trellis, etc.

Grasses and Succulents

Vine Bush Pothos and Ivy Bush